Anjan Shalaka

The name Anjan Shalaka is given to the ceremony of decorating the eyes of new images of Jins with collyrium made of many special substances.

On this occasion, the following five auspicious events relating to the Lord are celebrated.

1. Chyavan – Incarnation
The incarnation of the Lord in his mother’s womb.

2. Janm – Birth
The birth of the Lord.

3. Deeksha – Renunciation
The event of the Lord’s renunciation of worldly life and commencement of a life of austerity, discipline and attainments.

4. Keval Gyan – Omniscience
The event of attaining absolute enlightenment after performing austerities and tapasya.

5. Nirvana
Being completely delivered from the body and the karmas.

Only the event of the Kevalgyan is called Anjan Shalaka and it is arranged to be carried out at an auspicious and sacred period, at midnight.

The smearing of collyrium to the eyes of the image with a gold-stick can be done only by the Acharya Bhagavant, in the Jain command or by the Anuyogacharya, the one next to him.

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