Tattva Gyan
Tattvagyan is a comprehensive online website giving an indepth knowledge on Spirituality, Philosophy, Jain Culture, Jainism, etc. Majorly all articles have english & hindi versions available.



Jain World
Probably the most diverse Jain portal, the site contains scriptures, lectures, images, e-books, calendar of events, and more. Lectures [Vyakhyan] of eminent Gurus’ can be Sri Triputi Bandhu Ji, Pandit Shri Bhari Ji, Dr. Jaikumar Jalag, Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji, etc.


Jain University
The site offers downloads of Jain stavans and provides information on Jain courses, temples, etc. The website also has a section for Jain recipe, Jain Panchang, etc. E-greeting cards can also be sent from this website.


Jainism Literature Center
The site has many articles on Ahimsa, Jainism, rituals, etc. The site also has a FAQ section on Jainism and a section listing popular Jain quotes.



Sacred Texts
The site has English translated Jain agams & other scriptures.



Atma Dharma
The site has many articles, audio & videos on Jainism.


This site is developed by Institute of Jainism and offers courses in Jainism in UK.



Tamil Jains
Website about Jainism in Tamilnadu & Tamil Jains


Jain Temple
List of Digambar temples inside & oustside India



This is just awesome..mesmerizing temple with so many idols and the videos crowd and the funderous sound of people in the excitement of the placing of god was a sigh that the event was awesome.
HATS OFF…. i would like to be a part of it .

I want to look the photo graph of schiyay mata temple and puja on the date 26th jan.

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