Fusion is said to be a blend of science and art. The splendid task by a team of architects, sculptors, and guidance by Acharya Dev Srimad Rajesh Surishwar Ji M.S along with Revered Sadhvi Ji Shri Vanchyama Sriji M.S is the outcome of a glorious 83 feet tall structure for sadhna and worship. The temple at its best is a conglomeration of 24 Jain Tirthankars seated in adoration to the eyes of the devotee. Main deities of the temple in meditation pose and each facing one direction at the centre of Sanctum Sanctorum complimented by beautifully sculpted ashoka vriksha in the back drop captivates mind and soul. All the idols are awfully sculpted from best quality marbles and precious stones like Rose Quartz, Blue Lap age, Yellow Morgues, Green Morgues, Besana Black, Black Rainbow, Jasper Red, etc. Temple ceiling made in translucent onyx stone has engraved shlokas and sacred symbols.

Lord Sheetalnath along with Sri Suparshwanath, Shri Shantinath & Shri Kuntunath are the main deities. The striking idols measure 41 inches each. Devotees to the temple can get darshan of 24 Tirthankara and also Shasan Dev Manibhadra Ji, Nakoda Behru Ji, Shaasan mata Chakkeshwari devi, Rajrajeshwari devi, Mata Padmavati, Shri Goutam Swami Ji, Guru Rajendra Suriji, Guru Vikram Surishwar Ji amongst other Gods. Five feet tall Idols of Shri Nageshwara Parshwanath and Shri Chintamani Parshwanath are in enchanting standing mediation pose.

The complex in addition to the temple also houses upashraya and Sacchya Mata ji ka mandir. Future plans include building a Jain library and displaying 45 handwritten agams.

The foundation stone for construction of temple was laid in 2009. Khad Muhrat was done in the presence of His Holiness Acharya Dev Srimad Nityanand Surishwar Ji M.S and Shilanyas was performed under the direction and blessings of Acharya Dev Srimad Jinottam Surishwar Ji M.S.

The key architects of the temple include Shri Atul Bhai Parekh, contractor:- Sri Suketu Patel, Mahesh bhai sompura .

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